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As far as I know, there is no good solution for filtering or monitoring internet usage and activity on a cell phone, including the iPhone. If anyone knows of a good solution, please share it! If anyone has the capability of designing and creating such a solution, please do it! I’ll even invest! 🙂

In the meantime, for any of you who struggle with the same problem as me, I would strongly recommend NOT getting a phone with internet capabilities, especially if you’re just beginning the process of recovery. It’s just not worth the risk.

(EDIT: a comment was made below that I thought was important enough to add to the main entry. Here it is:

“I am an ATT Retail Sales Rep. Just thought you would all like to know that although there isn’t anything great out there to filter the iPhone web content, you can remove the internet icon from the phone under the “parental controls” section in the options tab. you can still use every other aspect of the phone. itunes, iphone, weather, email etc. and other applications you might get from itunes. it is then guarded by a 4-digit pass-code so it is impossible to access internet without entering that fist.”)

So, if you just can’t live without an iPhone, but you also have problems with unfiltered internet, please be honest with yourself and remove the internet icon from your phone, as explained above. That way, you’ll only be able to access the internet when your spouse (or someone who you can be accountable to) is aware that you are accessing the internet.

Thanks to that reader who contributed that comment!

UPDATE:  Since this post was originally created, there have been new devolopments in the iPhone App arena.  Please read the comments below as a number of them mention good solutions to solving this problem.


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    […] Anonymous placed an interesting blog post on iPhone Internet filterHere’s a brief overviewAs far as I know, there is no good solution for filtering or monitoring internet usage and activity on a cell phone, including the iPhone. If anyone knows of a good solution, please share it! If anyone has the capability of designing … […]

  2. An SA in Asheville Says:

    “In the meantime, for any of you who struggle with the same problem as me, I would strongly recommend NOT getting a phone with internet capabilities, especially if you’re just beginning the process of recovery. It’s just not worth the risk.”

    I’ll second that. I’d love to buy an iPhone — was engaging in a bit of gadget lust just now, and googling “iphone filter” I found this post — but there’s no way in hell I could handle an unsafe iPhone web connection. I’d last a day, tops.

    What works for me re comonitoring/mputers is a DOUBLE solution — Safe Eyes (accountability partner) plus Spectorsoft (keylogger and records screenshots every 10 seconds or so). My wife has access to both. First time in 12 years of web use that I’ve had some long-term freedom from lying and using the web for sexual purposes.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for your suggestions! And thank you for your honesty regarding the problem with unfiltered phones. It’s a big issue and I hope someone, somewhere is developing a better solution. Also, I’m glad to hear that you’re experiencing some freedom from the addiction!

  4. Daniel Says:

    I am an ATT Retail Sales Rep. Just thought you would all like to know that although there isn’t anything great out there to filter the iPhone web content, you can remove the internet icon from the phone under the “parental controls” section in the options tab. you can still use every other aspect of the phone. itunes, iphone, weather, email etc. and other applications you might get from itunes. it is then guarded by a 4-digit pass-code so it is impossible to access internet without entering that fist.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you very much for that input! That’s truly great to know, and I for one will now be reconsidering my decision to purchase an iPhone!!! 🙂

  6. Matt Says:

    I don’t know how applicable it would be for phones but a non software application option for filtering is to use OpenDNS http://www.opendns.com it’s free and you can block by category and also by domain.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve checked out OpenDNS, and while it looks like an incredible product and service, it doesn’t look like they are addressing the need to filter internet on phones or the iPhone. Thanks, though, for a great comment. OpenDNS is a very valuable (and free) service for many people!

  8. Good Ideas Says:

    Thanks for your thought on filtering for the iPhone!

  9. everyday struggles Says:


    Thanks for the advice re how to remove the internet filter. I have just purchased an iphone and was looking for a way to remove that. Thanks again

  10. Daniel Says:

    Hey guys,
    I am using OpenDNS. It works great on my iPhone! You all should use this as an alternative to deleting the web icon.
    Its very easy to setup and protects all my computers as well as my iPhone.
    Try it out!! http://www.opendns.com/

  11. Anonymous Says:

    How much control does it give you, Daniel? Can you tell us a bit more about it? Thanks!

  12. Patrick Says:

    AT&T offers a product called Smart Limits which includes Internet Filtering, now whether that work when it’s connected via Wi-fi, I don’t know.

  13. Patrick Says:

    oops, “Content Filters do not work with iPhones.”

  14. Jeff Says:

    I just broke my phone today, which means I need another one. I’d love to have an iphone or a phone that has GPS, holds all my music, and has internet calendar & email. My problem has been the internet filtering. What the ATT guy said is wonderful! Thank you so much for that!

    On other good news, I just got off the phone with a rep from Internet Safety (the makers of Save Eyes). I asked if they were creating a filter for mobile phones, she said they are looking into it and in the near future will probably launch something. So, if you want to invest some cash somewhere, that’s probably the place to do it. Safe Eyes is the best filter I have seen. I’ve been using it for the past 2-3 years.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I have a developer who is ready and willing to move forward with an iPhone filter application. Serious investors please contact the owner of this blog and he will in turn contact me.

    Thank you.

  16. aswamin Says:

    Our company, Mobicip.com, currently has a content filtering solution for the iPhone in private beta. The solution we are currently testing is free, but we are intending to offer a premium version with more robust features in the near future in addition to our free version.

    You can learn more at http://www.mobicip.com. You can also participate in the beta test by signing up at our website. We hope to be available on the App Store in the very near future. Hope this is what you are looking for!

  17. paulgeo Says:

    To protect yourself you can turn off the Safari icon by going to Settings>General>Restrictions, then you have someone you trust type in a passcode (wife or good friend), then you switch the Safari app icon to off.

    You will not be able to use the browser anymore, but all your other apps that use the web, such as facebook, ebay, backgrounds, etc will still work. Your email still works too! So you lose the browser, but protect yourself.

    This is the best option until companies role out some quality filters!

    • Solomon Says:

      The problem with merely shutting of safari is thatin order to be fully protected you need to restrict all app purchases as well. Otherwise you can just purchase a free web browsing app such as google or Bing and have full unfiltered Internet access.

      • Johannes Says:

        I’ve found out that if you restrict your programmes to age 12+ you will not be able to download other web browsers.

  18. Failing Fellow Says:

    I really need to get rid of my iPhone. Just today I slipped as a result of this amazing phone. Not to mention the monthly iPhone plan is outragously high.

  19. jaredk15 Says:

    Hello there,
    I’ve had the same problems, and i’ve looked all over and found ONE good filter. It’s outrageous, i’m thinking about learning how to write code myself and make one, yes, i do have the capability. :p Anyway, this is the internet filter i found for the iPhone, and it’s awesome: http://www.internetsafety.com/safe-eyes-mobile-iphone.php . It’s not free, but it still is worth it, if you’re trying to get over the mountain of porn.

    God bless,

  20. snow17boarder Says:

    Mobicip has just been approved in the app store as well. It is free but you get a banner across the bottom for ads. But if $20 isn’t worth it (which it definitely is!) then use mobicip.

    I do have another question though. How do you turn of safari? I assume you just got someone else to put in the parental 4 digit code so you couldn’t turn it back on correct?


  21. Anonymous Says:

    To turn off Safari on your iPhone, go to “settings”, then to “general”, and then to “restrictions.” You will need to choose a 4 digit code (and as you mentioned, I recommend you have someone else choose the code, so you don’t know what it is). Then, to turn an application off, make sure the slider next to the application is turned so the word “off” is showing. If the word “on” is showing, it means that the application will still show up on your home-page. I strongly recommend turning Safari, iTunes AND YouTube off.

    Hope that helps!

    We’re installing the Mobicip filter on my wife’s iPhone this week, and will post a review of it shortly.

  22. vellam Says:

    I installed this on my son’s iTouch and whilst it seems great it will not run the BBC iPlayer as the BBC see the browser as coming from outside the UK and this stops us from accessing it.
    Also remember that the Username and Password are both CaSeSenSiTive as this caught me out a few times when trying to authernticate.

    What I really want is the same sort of tool that allows access to BBC iPlayer.

  23. iNetSafetyBubble Says:

    iNetSafetyBubble was designed from the ground up to be the best internet filter and accountability tool for the iphone and ipod touch. It has just recently been approved and released on the AppStore.

    – easy and simple to use
    – most effective hybrid filtering methods available
    – near realtime categorization of new sites
    – multilingual human reviewers increase accuracy in addition to automated processes
    – customize all protection settings from secure website
    – monitor all activity on all of your devices from secure website
    – fast, reliable & stable system – no delays or freezing like other apps
    – monitor activity from web or the actual iphone
    – most all of the features of Safari included
    – ability to lock out Safari and other unprotected browsers
    – Password protected safe search lock
    – optoinally prevent questionable youtube content as well.

    Hope this helps you and many others. We are dedicated to providing the best tools to protect families (adults and kids).

  24. Anonymous Says:

    If anyone out there has ever used iNetSafetyBubble or Mobicip or any other filtering solution for the iPhone, please give us your feedback! We area all anxious to know how well they work. Thanks!

  25. csjnzxjnxzjn Says:

    I am using mobicip in my kid’s ipod touch for past one month and with the latest update its almost as perfect as porn free safari. The browser is great and the filtering is almost perfect.

    If there is tab support i ll also switch to mobicip. I would recommend you to buy the premium version from their website which allows user defined configurations.

    also take a look at their latest reviews in i-Tunes store before you make any decision.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    So I haven’t tried it out but you can buy “Safe Eyes Mobile” for the iPhone in the App Store on iTunes. It’s website is:


    It goes through the steps to ensure how the right amount of security and protection you want and need. It does cost, but since when has purity really been able to have a price put on it? I haven’t tried it yet but plan to buy it pretty soon (like today) as I just got an iPhone last week.

  27. tomnoon Says:

    doing due diligence on a new product for filtering on the iphone- any updates to this blog post on other apps now in the market?

  28. Chuck Whiteside Says:

    For those struggling with internet porn of any type, the best help I’ve found (and I’ve looked at studies, counseling, books, etc.) is http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com. And its free.

  29. Lisa Says:

    I’m excited to learn of these possibilities. I found a wonderful filter for the computer. It was rated the best for protecting against porn in New Man Magazine (a Christian magazine that is no longer being printed, though I don’t know why ’cause I thought it was wonderful). The filter is called bSafe. One person has the password as the administrator. I get weekly reports of every website visited on all three computers, it shows all that it blocked, it tells the number of sights that are visited (or screens that are pulled up), it gives bar graphs of the number of hours spent on the internet in time blocks during the week. It tells what content is on the sites (porn, obscene, news, sports, etc.). It’s really wonderful. It allows me to block or unblock sites, choose the categories of filtering or the domains. It has lots of features. Pass the word around ’cause I don’t want other wives to deal with years of a husband looking at the wrong stuff.

    • Ashley Says:

      I have to ask, because its a problem I keep finding, does Bsafe work even while in “private browsing” mode or “incognito”? We’ve used covenant eyes and it works great for or lap tops and desk tops but phones it misses the private and incognito stuff :/

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Mobicip works very well and is free. I highly endorse it. The main issue with the iPhone is that when you click on a URL link elsewhere in the phone (ex: email) it will not work if you have disabled Safari. Not a big problem as you can now just copy and paste the link to Mobicip. Minor inconvenience but worth it.

    WARNING!! Whomever controls the 4-digit code on your iPhone should also disable the AppStore to prevent the downloading of other browsers which would completely circumvent the idea behind having Mobicip.

    Someone needs to develop an app that will allow a user to permanently alter the DNS settings of the iphone for 3g as well as wifi. You could then add OPENDNS which has great content filtering. There is currently an app that will do this adhoc, but that is not useful for this purpose. I imagine that Apple is preventing this from happening. Why, I’m not sure.

  31. Will Says:

    I found a solution to your problem. You would have to Jailbreak it and then install lockdown. It would ask for a password if you want to use safari. The password could be type in by your wife. You would enjoy all the benefits of the iPhone without having to watch any porn. Mobicip, could be a good app if you want to use the internet. Now if you want to ssh into your iphone your wife could have the root passwd and the mobile password aswell.

  32. Chris Kaspar Says:

    I tried SafeEyes and their interface is glitchy and really isn’t very usable. I love their computer software, but they need to update their app to fix the many problems it has.

    Mobicip works just like Safari, the only downfall is that there is a $10 a year subscription for advanced online control. You can buy just the filtering app for $5, but if you want to actively monitor and control the device from a computer then you have to pay the subscription fee.

    I checked the reviews for iNetSafetyBubble and it seems to be equally as effective as Mobicip, and it costs a flat $20

  33. tryhislove Says:

    Mobicip is very good. It has the multiple tabs like Safari and does the best job of filtering out objectionable material. I paid $20 for SafeEyes, and just recently found a hole in it in that it did not prevent you from changing the “SafeSearch” preference on google search to “no restrictions.” And BeSecure just recently came out with a browser, and it has worked very well, but it will, at times, block a page, but then allow the image to go through. I would highly recommend Mobicip for the IPhone.

    Has anyone ever heard of of any type of technology that will allow you to block material within the Iphone applications themselves? There are still ways to get to a search engine and other sites via links within Iphone applications, even with Safari turned off due to “in app” browsers. I was just wondering if anyone had heard of anything to block ALL material, in ALL APPS, with the IPhone. Thanks.

    • dizzyhypo Says:

      Would love to know the answer to this. I have deleted several awesome apps because they all provide unrestricted access to the internet. My only solution thus far is to sacrifice the convenience of these apps for the greater good – no access to porn.

      • jssj Says:

        tell me about it. i used to have facebook, wikipedia, cnn, bbc, shazam, dictionary, all otherwise harmless apps, if not for the fact that it ultimately leads to a search engine. now i have to make the extremely painful decision to remove all of them and my iphone is as barren as a desert.

        if someone is savvy enough to redesign an app for facebook , cnn etc but blocks the in-built browser which is usually triggered by clicking on ads etc. i am willing to pay for it! there really is no point disabling safari if one can surf the net through other means.

  34. ano Says:

    I need an app for our company, which can restrict all data-roaming to others than company services.
    so it means when abroad and data roaming will cost a lot of many, the company should stop all roaming access, but the email and calendar update to the companys own server should still be possible.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I know for a fact that Mobicip, SafeEyes and INetSafetyBubble are in no way anywhere near full proof. I will not explain why because an addict will use it to circumvent their filter or browser to get at their drug. My problem is that I am tech savvy and the above three tools are unbelievably easy to get around. Once again, I won’t say why because many people reading this will lose the effectiveness of their solution.

    What needs to be written is a true filter which checks ALL internet track regardless of the app. Just like the one on my computer, K9 web protection. That will be a glorious day indeed.

    • Andrew Says:

      I currently use K9 web protection on all computers I haev access to. My wife and family have been very supportive. I really want a new smartphone as many people here have said. As of 4th January 2010 the K9 web protection is available on iphone/ipad from the app store. This works in a similar way to others on the market where you need to get somebody to get rid of safari but I can see them improving it with more time. I have yet to get an iphone but will reply as soon as I have any experience of it. If anyone else is using this please let me know if it is any good.

  36. Jacob Says:

    Just get bsecure, then lockout safari via resrictions, it works well and if you encounter anything you can ban it form the browser with once click, and it’s free. You can also ban installing new apps.

    Then hide th 4 digit code to use those features, or give it to someone. Then your iphone is free from easy or accidental access to bad things. YOu can still get to those functions but you have to go get the code from someone, or out of your annoying keeping place.

    I do this for my computer, and Iphone, and the password is somewhere so everyone knows if I am going to use it. Keeps everyone honest.

  37. Danielle Says:

    I know that as of May, 2010, covenanteyes.com has launched an accountability software for the iphone and also windows os! this is NOT a filter mind you, but knowing someone (of your choosing) will see ALL that you click on is sometimes a deterrant enough to be like a filter!!! I LOVE my http://www.covenanteyes.com !!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    None of the filtering apps help since many apps like Facebook, Twitter Apps, GoodReader, and many more all have full browsers built in that allow you to browse to anything. Apple needs to allow for a filtering app to run in the background. OpenDNS is great for use on your wifi network but all one has to do is flip off the Wifi and 3G is not filtered.

    • dizzyhypo Says:

      Agreed. I have XXXwatch on my iPhone that emails my wife if I visit any sites that are questionable. It also tells her if I enable safari. However, it does not detect any browsing within all the other apps with browsing capabilities. Would love to disable any internet browsing in all of the apps, but as far as I know it doesn’t exist yet. I have decided that the convenience of these apps isn’t worth the risk and I axed them.

  39. Danielle Says:

    Letting y’all know that http://www.covenanteyes.com has an accountability app for the iphone- it’s wonderful!!!

  40. Gaston Says:

    My wife is an addict, one of her addictions and has been since she was very young is porn. I gave her an iphone sometime ago, in the past I know by her own confession she is a user, now she has told our priest that her therapist has put a block on her safari with only the therapist to have the code for safari. I noticed on the phone bill that there was a long call to apple, since then the usage of internet has gone through the roof on her phone, I called apple to find out that it is very easy to override the block, restore the phone as new. This is just one of the addictions that my wife has and her therapist trust her implicitly, I have many reasons not to trust.
    I know that her therapist will not ask to see her phone and when she does she will see it blocked but will probably not try her(the therapist) code on the phone. I mentioned this to my priest, his answer was well I’ll ask her.
    My poor wife lies better than the devil himself. How can I prove that this usage is still ongoing. For her drugs there are drug test, for alchohol there are test how can I prove this. For 21 years I have been living in this hell, and because it is secret and because my wife presents so well no one knows.

    • an SA Says:

      May I humbly suggest SANON for you? It’s not your responsibility to monitor your wife’s usage of the internet and it will drive you crazy trying to do so.

      • cookie Says:

        You also can go to therapy with her. There are places that will work with the two of you together. I work at a sex addiction treatment center. The “drug test” we use is a polygraph. It is the only way to get truth from a user. They do lie. You can only trust behavior. Never words.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    If you can limit the internet access to passworded use then you can download a different web browser that filters porn on your iphone and have internet access without porn. Go the the IPhone store on your Iphone and do a search for porn filters. You will see a porn filtering web browser or two. Once you download and install that you still have to have your trustee (spouse) password protect Safari so that you cannot use that one.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Just to stress what some others have mentioned above, even with a filter or Internet monitoring app like CE, it IS still possible to access unfiltered, unmonitored material. Yes, even if you set the restrictions to block safari, it’s still possible to access such material. My husband is a recovering addict and we thought we had everything safely blocked when he stumbled across some loopholes recently. Unfortunately that was enough to cause him to slip. Apple needs to take this need seriously and allow or provide some real controls to protect our families. Until then, no matter how cool the iPhone is, if you are struggling to overcome porn, don’t risk it just for a stupid gadget. Your marriage and children and integrity are worth more than that!

  43. InTheBubble Says:

    I want to confirm what others have already said. Without system level filtering (something that only Apple could allow/enable), the iPhone/iPod/iPad is simply open season for porn addicts. This is particularly true if the user requires access to the App Store. Any of the advertised “safe” browsers are only apps, they do not prevent installing other unsafe browsers or using in-app browsers where they exist.

  44. GH Says:

    I too have struggled since I got my iPhone, I had my wife turn off iTunes, Youtube, Safari, & the App Store so I would be safe. There are many things that are useful on the net, but I can’t use them due to the lack of a good fliter for iPhone. It’s not worth it, Turn off all the afore mentioned apps and save your sanity and your soul!

    • Todd Says:

      This about the only logical way of making sure you can’t view porn on your phone. Downloading another browser is just too easy.

  45. Megan Says:

    All this talk of internet filtering is for iPhones what about all the other smart phones? Are other smart phones able to run these apple aApps??

  46. DR Says:

    The in-app browsers are the main problem. MOST apps have them, and I have had to delete almost all of my apps. I don’t understand why they exist, all the internet should just be forwarded through a main browser, and then choose Safari/Safe Eyes/etc. I still find the iPhone an extremely useful device without internet and the majority of apps. Its nice to have my phone, music, calendar, email, and books/bible all in my pocket.

  47. Tanny Says:

    In UK, where I live I can request the phone service provider to block restricted sites. This is helpful as it means to unblock I need to call them again which is a kind of detterant. however when I use my iphone using Wi-fi, the phone by-passes the service provider’s internet, hence this restriction no longer apply.

    here’s what u can do free of cost (or by paying $1):
    1. Disable safari browser (as users have suggested the staps in the blog ) and let your spouse write the code.
    2. download K9 internet filter browser. They have the app for PC, Mac and iphone and ipods too. and its Free!! (u pay £49 0r $99 to remove the add that appears in the top bar).
    u can drag and drop the K9 icon into your app bar at the bottom (where your Safari usually resides but after safari is disabled, it will disappear from the app bar and you can replace it by K9)
    So now u can use K9 browser instead of Safari. K9 will filter porns.
    Only downsize is that u cannot open links in emails.

  48. grt Says:

    The in-app browsers are the most frustrating. My poor iPhone has been barren for over a year now after months of trying new ways to block access to unfiltered internet. Has anything new come out recently? I hear that the K9 app was free for iPhones but I assume it has the same issues as all the other apps. I bought the 30$ Safe Eyes app and it did not lock things down well at all. I use Safe Eyes for home and office computer and it is great. Anybody know of any new developments for the filtering apps?

    I had a Bible app that I was able to use to get to porn… sad… and I’m a pastor. I hate it. I also hate paying 30 bucks a month for email. Better that than “putting coals in the lap” and hoping to not get burned… I am trying to help parents recognize how damaging iphones, ipads, ipods, are for so many students. If Apple would allow a real app to overlay safari and all other apps they could corner the market and tons of parents would only buy Apple products for their music, phones and notepads… I just don’t understand why they are not doing it.

  49. BooneIowaGuy Says:

    Someone above mentioned that K9 has mobile protection for iPhones. I checked it out and will be using it!

  50. Anon Says:

    hey guys, I too struggle. I have tried everything. Covenant Eyes (Desktop and Mobile), Safe Eyes, Mobicip… Once I found In-App browsing through apps like BBC mobile, ESV Study Bible, and a plethora of others… it was all down hill from there. So you CAN live porn-free on the iPhone if you disable safari, youtube, itunes, and delete all apps that allow for in-app browsing, the problem is that we don’t know which apps do / don’t have in-app browsing. And what is the point of having in iPhone if none of your apps work, or are integrated with safari? Let me say this. For home networks on Wi-Fi — OpenDNS is your solution 100% all the way. As far as the ATT/Verizon networks are concerned, their hands are tied because Apple is calling the shots. Since apple cares SOOO much about its Ux (user experience) it won’t let any apps override the system settings to filter content universally, we all suffer. As a developer / tech enthusiast, but also a believer in Christ I have no other choice but to give up my iPhone. It’s not worth my eternal salvation. “Cut off your right hand if it causes you to sin.” – Looks like the iPhone is getting the axe. BUT I want an alternative smart phone that makes up for the iphones problem… The only problem here is that Microsoft and other companies are modeling off of Apple’s example and allowing porn to run rampant on their machines….

    Does anyone know of a smart phone that allows content filtering? I was thinking of WM7… Does anyone know if that is a good alternative? I know X3 has an app for them, maybe covenant eyes too… Please let me know.

    • Anon Says:

      I have also used SettingCaptivesFree.com and paid for X3church’s X3pure’s course on becoming porn-free. They only work if you cut off all access to porn indefinitely. So basically, you can have a heart change if you read Jesus’s words and apply them to your life… But somewhere down the road if you have have an iPhone, iPad etc.. that doesn’t have content filtering you could hit rock bottom again very quickly. I used SettingCaptivesFree.com a lot in college, I would say it definitely helps. Stick with it though, the whole 60 days, even if you fall, keep going. “A wise man makes no provision for the flesh”

  51. Richard Says:

    Thanks for all these helpful comments.
    @Anon – thanks for your candid words. I too have just recently fell and have remembered my agreement with the Lord to get rid of the iphone if it happened again. I am willing to “cut off the hand” but still resisting because of no other alternative. I would like to have a phone that easily makes calls, does text messages and email. Above that i don’t need much. I do like having my podcasts and music right there as well, but don’t know of another replacement alternative for the iphones capabilities. Are you closer to a solution?

    DO i try disabling safari etc. on the iphone first, look for a solution and then get rid of the phone and be a man of my word or keep sliding by, making excuses and hoping i don’t fall again…Hmmm, the first one sounds better.

    Until i find a permanent solution, can anybody out there can tell me how to remain pure in the fight meanwhile regarding what practical steps to take with the iphone configuration?

  52. Anon Says:

    Is there not a way of changing the settings at a system-level if you jailbreak the iPhone?

  53. Justme Says:

    I am looking for a filter for my hubby’s new iPhone. we resisted getting him one because of the free for all access to the internet. Now I am hopeful to find a compromise. He has been “sober” for 3years now!! I wanted to mention the program that was the turning point for us, him, and his recovery. Every Man’s Battle was great!! It was not cheap, and we went into a little debt for it, but in the long run neither of us regret spending that money. It truly was a life and marriage saver!! http://www.everymansbattle.com/

  54. David Says:

    A good free iphone app is irecover. While it is not a filtering app there are some very useful tools to help you take steps to overcome this particular “drug addiction” as they call it and the articles on this topic are very insightful. They also have a log to track those times when you do succumb and a basic course to help you overcome the addiction.

  55. Leo Says:

    I got to this site via google. I dont know if I will find a good filter but first I found a good place to reed, witch is as important.

  56. zolo Says:

    check out ‘Web-Filters, Monitors and Parental-Controls Comprehensive List’ http://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/web-filters-monitors-and-parental-controls-comprehensive-list

  57. Natalie Says:

    Try http://www.spectorsoft.com. They have a program for iphones and blackberries that is both a filter and a monitor called Eblaster Mobile. It is a little pricey but it does exactly what it says it does and works wonders! They also have great programs for desktops and laptops too.

  58. Raul Banderas Says:

    Hi, my name is Raul Banderas, Im part of a tech company that developed one of the safest internet filtering algorithms, but we only have a windows app for now, we hope to have the mobile and the mac version asap. Would anyone be interested in being a beta tester as soon as we have a beta version of our iPhone app? please get back with comments. We are working not for money, but for a cause.. and most of the company team, including the top leaders are man of God, we are sure our company has a special purpose in the internet… Blessings.

  59. Tim Says:

    Eblaster Mobile by Spectorsoft does NOT work on iPhones. It is ONLY for Android and BlackBerry smart-phones.

  60. CS Says:

    Safeyes for the computer is great as long as you have someone else to be administrator. The mobile app needs a lot of work. It will not block searches for key words. It will block categories and specific websites. Its a great start. I cant imagine being 16 and having an iphone with internet access. Seems like child abuse to me…

  61. Angel Says:

    Lately I have been using an app called safe web for kids for the iphone. It is quite rectrictive as I can only surf websites allowed by my fiancee but I have found that it’s the only way to stay away from porn. I had used other “more usual” filtering solutions for the phone (like K9) but there were always ways to end at the dark side again… two months now and my phone is still safe! If you want to have a look… http://safeweb.bobgoo.com

  62. Joseph Says:

    Hey guys… I’ve been struggling for while now too. I’ve looked into it and there are apps that you can use to surf the Internet that have filters… Now I understand that as long as safari is an option this is useless. However if you do as the AT&T tech said and disable safari while having a trusted friend enter the 4 digit code, you will be able to use all of your apps and even use the Internet through the filtered Internet app without the fear of safari.

  63. Luke Johnson Says:

    On the Verizon iPhone you can go to the Verizon website and turn on Internet filtering.

  64. Luke Johnson Says:

    Ok great news!!! Praise the Lord!!! I found safe eyes in the apps. It blocks all the porn sites and more that I am addicted to. Go to the app store and type in “safe eyes mobile” it is pretty expensive but it is worth it. I feel so free now knowing the extra temptation is gone and not have to worry when I let others borrow my phone.

  65. Kelly Jo Yoder Says:

    I have a question…..is there any possible way to turn off this parental control that turns
    off the internet access on the iphone? My husband struggles with pornography. Over the years he has found ways around almost everything…..spectorpro, filterpak,….its a battle I’m rather tired of. If there is an easy way around this parental control he will see it much faster than I will. Is this pretty secure?

    • Anonymous Says:


      If you turn on the parental control in the iPhone with a 4-digit code that only you know, then there is no possible way for him to turn that off, other than sitting there and trying to guess your code for countless hours. Also, after a couple of tries, the iPhone starts making you wait longer and longer between “guesses”, so it’s nearly impossible for someone to crack your 4-digit code and get past the parental control of the iPhone.

      Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I’m talking about turning on the “restrictions” in the iPhone which allow you to enter a 4-digit code, and then you can turn off the Safari app, and any other app that can give him access to objectionable material. I would suggest also turning off the iTunes app as well as the App Store app. There may be others you will need to turn off, depending on what’s been downloaded to his phone.

      Hope this helps!

  66. A future conquerer Says:

    Hi everyone, i have found a solution. I am new to this site, but i have struggled with pornography for over 1 year now. I told everything about it to my girlfriend because i found after 1 year of struggling i couldn’t get rid of it.

    We have 1 laptop in the house, but i have a different account with mc afee to block any inappropiate site (my girlfriend only has an administrator account) and she can see which sites i visit daily. Now the only thing which was left open for destruction was my iphone. But what i found is:

    I installed the app: K9 browser (free)

    On setting ->limitation-> i removed safari.
    also i made sure i am not aloud to install apps for 18+
    my girlfriend only has the code so i cannot change the setting :D.

    This is so far the best i found, so praise God!
    People that also have trouble with this issue , tell your wife (girlfriend) no matter how many computers you have, make sure you cannot get acces to pornography (if you really want to get rid of it). 1 korintiërs 10 vers 13. This problem of lust has been common to us. make sure satan cannot use this against you.

    Let’s stomp him on his face by closing the door of the spirit of lust!

    See this video for explanation

  67. ???? Says:

    Hello everyone Im tryIng to get porn outa my life and I have an iPod touch safari is restricted but I have an app called free music downloader which lets me get free music and they have acsess to the Internet is there anything that lets me band that or never be able to use the Internet agian through any app please help me thanks

  68. Barry Says:


    Something else to consider adding to your computers and to the I-Phone is Covenanteyes. The program monitors everything that is accessed on the internet and sends a report to the “accountability partners” every week so if anyone has accessed porn, it shows up very clearly on the report. It is impossible to turn off and if your husband attempts to remove the program, it asks for a code and automatically sends an e-mail informing you that the code has been requested for removing the program. I have been using Covenanteyes for about 5 years and it is wonderful. For the I-Phone, do what was suggested by disabling Safari with lockout code, install the Covenanteyes web browser and your husband can still use the internet, he just won’t be able to view porn without you knowing about it. It’s a great deterent without having to mess with filters that often times can be broken.

    Good luck!

  69. Anonymous Says:

    A HUGE step forward today for mobile filtering comes from NetNanny. It’s only available for Android platforms right now, but I spoke with one of the company’s reps at their booth at CES in January this year and they are working on the iPhone version, as well.

    If you have an Android phone or mobile device in the home, go here for a free trial: http://www.netnanny.com/mobile/trial

    Also, please give us an update/report on how you like it! I’m dying to know.

    thank you!

    – Anonymous/Admin

  70. Phil Says:

    For you jailbreakers out there, there’s a Cydia app called MobileNanny. Among other things, it allows you to blacklist/whitelist specific websites and keywords. Access the settings for it by dialling a five-digit pin of your choice, straight from the phone app – until then it’s invisible. Then, when you go to one of those websites (and I think it works for any browser), it just quits the browser.
    This was VERY helpful for me in my struggle, however, it seems a little buggy and unreliable for iOS 5, and, well, I’ve slipped up quite a few times since. However, if you’re jailbroken and still on iOS 4 – DEFINITELY useful. Even iOS 5 users might have some luck with it, but I think it’s best used as a safety net in the background, for if you do get past other safeguards you have in place.

  71. bonita neal Says:

    Webnanny.com is a great internet filter for your cell phone works wounders! And it is free for android.

  72. Dave Says:

    None of this matters until we can find a way to not allow web browsing on other apps. I have found ways to browse the web on google earth app as well as pandora app. This is killing me. Why won’t apple allow this loophole to be fixed???

    • Andrew Says:

      This is the problem I’ve found as well. I have removed all apps with their own browsers (my wife has the access code) and use SafeEyes. But this basically cuts out most of the powerful, useful apps. This is my own fault for having issues, but it would still be great to monitor internet access to external browsers.

  73. swome Says:

    With the iPhone you can just restore the phone to factory settings, and all the filters will be rendered useless

  74. resist the devil and he will flee from you Says:

    I made a list of all the sites named in this conversation for people to research. Please note some only work for android. To restore factory settings i’d have thought (though I haven’t checked) a four digit code is needed to do this or perhaps one can be set-up. This should also only be known by you accountability buddy….

    Safe eyes
    Removal of internet icon parental controls options tab

    setting captives free
    every mans battle

  75. Paul Says:

    thanks dave. thats been my prob too:/ been wonderin bout a solution to in-app links to browsing

  76. PASG member Says:

    Yes – the problem is the ability to access internet via App’s. I took off every app I could and didn’t have any problems until the most recent IOS upgrade (version 6.0.1). I won’t tell you specifics, but suffice it to say that you can now access some web content through one of the built-in Apps that come standard with the phone (as in, the ones you cannot remove or block). Very disappointing. Until Apple comes up with a systemic solution, I’m going to have to get rid of my iphone altogether.

  77. PASG Member Says:

    I’m just about ready to throw in the towel on my iPhone, because of the aforementioned problem with in-app browsing. Before I make any (costly) choices, I want to be sure it’s the right move. I hear that Android phones are better when it comes to filtering/blocking/monitoring content. Is this true? Have any “loopholes” or “backdoors” been found (as is the case with the iPhone)? My concern is, I don’t want to get an Android phone if I’m basically going to be back in the same boat as I am with the iphone. (Namely, you basically can’t have any app’s b/c they open up a “backdoor”).

    Part of me thinks I should just go back to an old-school flip-phone with ZERO data access. But I’m not sure that’s sustainable. The company I work at is becoming more and more “mobile”, and I’m not sure I can avoid having some kind of data access.

    It would be great if I could have a phone that gives me access to all the good things (my music, photos, email, calendar, map w/ navigation, useful apps, etc etc) without the risks. “Oh duh!” right? That’s what we’re all looking for.

    At some point, the “filter” has to become “internal” (meaning I am changed through Christ and no longer a slave to my lust), but until then I need to “lock the liquor cabinet” – so to speak.

    Any help/recommendations would be much appreciated.

  78. SH Says:

    I think we all need to visit Apple feedback site for the iphone and submit feedback to add a setting in parental controls to block 3rd party app web browsers. It seems a simple solution would be to allow any ads, links, etc to restrict opening only in safari. Then if safari is turned off, you can’t open them. Problem solved! Let’s all put forward the effort and make Apple respond to their customers!


  79. Elie Says:

    For those who know how to jailbreak there phones. There is a wonderful app in Cydia called Firewall IP. I have never used it yet but basically it allows you to deny internet connections per APP!


    After you make the firewall changes to block you from using the internet on apps, make sure you have an accountability partner (or your wife/husband) lock the firewall app using AppLocker (also on Cydia)


    I haven’t tested this yet as I have an iPhone with IOS 6 (which cannot be jailbroken yet).

  80. Bruce Says:

    It seems that we are discussing two (2) features here.
    1. Filtering
    2. Monitoring

    For iPhone and Android there are several solutions for monitoring:
    1. Covenant Eyes
    2. Safe Eyes
    3. X3 Watch

    I have also discovered that my carrier, T-mobile, has integrated filtering as a service. I would imagine with the proliferation of teen cell phone usage, this has become a major issue for service providers.

    As a recovering porn addict, I have stayed away from the iPhone due to its difficulty with “background” applications and the always prevalent and open back door.

    I currently use a windows mobile 6.5 with an older version of Covenant Eyes that is no longer supported but available for use. I also have the T-mobile filter set to “Teen” for filtering protection. I am happy to day that I have been incedent free on my cell phone for over two (2) years.

    I am hoping to upgrade my system this christmas to a Note II with X3 Watch.

    Best regards and surf safe.

  81. Someonewhocares Says:

    DNS is where it’s at to block porn because most sites use DNS to resolve the hostname before you can get to the site. DNS is the service ALL websites use worldwide to resolve their proper http://www.whatever name to an IP address and so if you can control that then you have a very high degree of control over content coming to any device. Even IP addresses are often registered in the global DNS server network via a “reverse” lookup entry that can be blocked if it resolves to a known porn or malware domain.

    Umbrella by OpenDNS looks very promising to protect ANY mobile (or non mobile) internet device completely. It does have an annual fee ($20 per year initially and $50? after the first year?) as of this posting but it is worth a look:


    This is a total device filter with controls that you (or someone you trust) can manage with a password. It supposedly filters ALL internet that comes to your device regardless of what app is used. I think it uses a combination of encrypted VPN service and filtered DNS (powered by OpenDNS) to ensure that your device is protected.

    A similar but free option for iPhone users would be to jailbreak your iPhone (this is apparently legal in the U.S.), and change the DNS settings via the command line to use OpenDNS FamilyShield. FamilyShield DNS does not require an account and is totally free as of this posting (Note: this is NOT the same as the standard OpenDNS service which requires an account:


    Android users can use FamilyShield service too – and no jailbreaking is required.

    The only drawback to this on iPhones is that iOS or other updates (even changing your location to a new network) may wipe out the settings and then you have to re-enter them (if you are really good you can write a script and maybe run it daily out of cron on a jailbroken phone – or find one someone else wrote and install it.)

    You can use “FamilyShield” OpenDNS servers on any computer and even your home router(s) to filter a whole home (blocks porn and malware but is not configurable for other categories). If you want more control user OpenDNS standard service in your router and/or K9 browser on each device is a great combination giving you 2 layers of protection.

    Here is info on how to use custom DNS servers on your device:


    For WIFI connections only (will not help with cellular internet) you can do this (this should work on any tablet device that only has WIFI internet):


    Hope this helps some folks looking for some options.

  82. Someonewhocares Says:

    I want to add to my above comment that while it is totally legal, jailbreaking an iPhone may void the warranty and could cause you to lose photos or other data on your phone so I don’t recommend trying this unless you are very technically inclined. Also jailbreaking iOS 6 is not yet possible as of this posting. If and when it does become possible to jailbreak iOS 6 (it probably will be possible very soon) and you attempt it, be sure to have your iPhone backed up so you can restore it if it fails to work (a full restore will erase your iPhone and also remove the jailbreak after which you could restore a backup if you have one). If you are not technically inclined then you should probably look into Umbrella. It costs some but may be worth it.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    as long as apple has been making Iphones with internet capability I’m quite angry that NO ONE has made a reasonable product to filter questionable material. Apple has shown no interest, software developers have shown minimal interest: even the big guys like cyber sitter and net nanny. I’ve tried the two or three programs currently available. Safe eyes did not filter ANYTHING, and Mobicip filtered EVERYTHING, I couldn’t get any web site, hot link my mail. It rendered my internet completely useless. The programs currently available are woefully inadequate and I find it quite disturbing that no one has put thought into this. Maybe its a lack of collaboration with Apple. I don’t know. But THEY Should all be ashamed at the lack of protection that is being offered kids today. I have no idea how much porn is consumed by the average teenage boy, but I’ll wager its more than a few minutes. What are we leaving this generation in terms of understanding sexuality and healthy relationships? This presents a serious problem due to accessibility, prevalence, and dispersion. We are seriously crippling this generation beyond the uncommon, distasteful habit, largely inaccessible to children it was when I was growing up just in the nineties.

  84. ross Says:

    Im simply looking for a keyword blocker for my iphone 4s (IOS6). I have literally spent an entire day trawling the internet and cant believe I havent been able to find a single thing.

    The kind of porn I watch is very specific so rather then needing to block “porn” as an entire category, if I could just block a few specific search terms I would be safe.

    Can anyone out there help me in this respect?

    I currently use k9 web protection to do exactly the same thing on my laptop and cant figure out why I am unable to do the same on my phone. Please help!

  85. Anonymous Says:

    I just purchased the umbrella and its on my husbands phone. It seems like he could just disable or turn the VPN off in his “settings” on his iPhone. Was this a waste of money?

  86. Bill Says:

    Thanks for this excellent and informative post. I, too, am looking for a solution to prevent “in app” internet access. Otherwise my iphone is locked down very well.

  87. workmessaging Says:

    It’s easier to block unwanted sites on android devices than iphones. There are safari filters etc available, we provide one ourselves to corporate customers, but none are as secure as what is available on the android platform.
    We do provide an app for all android devices which can be controlled and monitored by an online web based interface. A policy can be put in place by an administrator(in the cases mentioned above, wife/girlfriend) and the administrator is the only one with the global password to remove the app.
    Also the same policy can be put in place across all the users devices, desktop, laptop, ipad. The only devices not covered so far are macs and blackberrys. The service is supposed to be for corporate customers but if our technology can help someone in need then please contact us http://www.TheEmailLaundry.com

  88. angryscottishrocker Says:

    In regards to Mobicip. Are you aware that you can adjust your filter strength via the computer based program/webtool? Maybe some adjustments would cause it to filter less? Also, copy/paste for the hyperlink email. Some prices have to be paid.

  89. Joe Ritchie Says:

    Apple’s “there’s an App for that” slogan falls short when it comes to any kind of protection from adult entertainment. The “restrictions” in the “general” options comes close, but if you try for a bit to get around it, you’ll find out that “there’s an App for that” too. I am wondering if all apple really needs to do is put DNS into the restrictions. then all you have to do is set up openDNS or something similar. All of your apps, your browsers, all of your Internet activity whether it’s on Wi-Fi or a cellular network will have to go through (be filtered by) those DNS servers. I have used openDNS and it can have issues. But I have found that if you can set up the dns server numbers on your device directly, then it works very well. All we would need from apple is a way to restrict the changing of your DNS numbers.
    We need to petition Apple for this very simple, yet very needed option.

  90. God is Greater Says:

    Doesn’t the issue of internet access through apps dissipate when you set the apps to 12+ in restrictions?

  91. Anonymous Says:

    In-app browsing update and solution: if you haven’t noticed yet, the new ios7 allows you to control internet access in the “restrictions” section of the settings. If you set the controls to “allow access to only these websites” then it blocks all in-app browsing completely! Grateful they finally made a solution for this.

  92. Dave Says:

    For people struggling with addiction, I believe the best service for iPhone / iPad is http://www.pageclean.com.

    Because it’s a complete filtering service, they can lock your device and keep it locked for you. Salon.com wrote about it here: http://www.salon.com/2013/07/11/porn_blockers_not_just_for_kids/

  93. Jim Says:

    Hi all . Net Nanny now has an App for iPhone that works . You disable Safari , your accountability partner holds your 4 digit security code , and you tap the Net Nanny icon to access filtered internet , and it’s only $4.95

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Great website, stick with it!

  95. Anon Says:

    Hi guys, can someone clarify for me? I’ve blocked Safari on my partner’s iphone, and restricted his app access. But if he restores the phone, will that all be undone?

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